Please note:

As of December 1, 2012 we will no longer accept any items for authentication. The business will close.

After that date if your item has a photo certificate and you’ve lost it we cannot replace it without you resubmitting the item for examination. Cost is $125 each plus return postage.

If you have a hologram COA (i.e., a tamper-proof seal on your item) and have lost your COA (either laminated or computer-generated) you must return the item to us and we will re-issue a computer-generated replacement (no laminated ones will be available). Cost $50 each plus return postage.


For the time being We will continue to do Collection Appraisals (Accepted by all the major insurers, Chubb, Aetna, Lloyds, State Farm, etc.) as well and will help with your collection Liquidations (One item or a collection, outright sale or deliver to an auction house). We will also render opinions ($20 each) on things you’ve bought or won at auction – or plan to bid on ($10) – but reserve the right to abstain from actually certifying them.

In the organized hobby since 1975 and the authentication business since 2005, the time has come to down-size. Thank you for your business and your understanding.

e-mail or write P. O. Box 273, Abington, PA 19001 for more Information